Riccardo Tisci, Burberry 2019

Tisci is not new in the world of fashion, the Italian born fashion designer has been in the game before Burberry, and with an eye for classic, modern, spontaneity and cool appeal; his vision was what Burberry needed to push the fashion house in the Gen Z era with diversity, sex appeal, and intense print being the other of day.

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British owned Burberry needed Riccardo Tisci to push the fashion boundaries and reintroduce it to the fashion world as more edgy, Goth, young, diverse and fun looking clothing line that people especially the younger generation will want to splurge on.

Who is Riccardo Tisci?

Unlike most fashion designers born with a silver spoon or had a golden opportunity prior to starting a fashion design career; Tisci was not like that; he came from a humble Italian background of a large family, the only boy, with no finances but filled with love for one another. At a very young age, he will walk down the streets of Milano, Italy just staring and marveled at the designers and beauty of the fashion strip. His love for fashion was a build up from helping his mother every night putting pieces together to form dresses and apparel.

Riccardo has the eye for fashion-bold, intense and out of the box creative designs that wow everyone but this renowned fashion designer that has worked with some of the big fashion house and celebrity names worked his ass off to the top. However, after jumping through several jobs, he finally enrolled at Central Saint Martins where his skills and talented eye for cuts and interpretation of fashion that is what fashion houses are after including his new workplace – Burberry.

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Why Burberry?

London has always been the fashion dream place for Riccardo Tisci as he saw the “Britishness” of British people as an attitude, confidence, and strength of the people that need to be shown in their fashion style. And Burberry was definitely the way to go.

Tisci creative risk and design is a vision that Burberry are leveraging on to take the company to places.

After the noose hoodie last September, Burberry certainly has an insight on what Tisci is capable of and how much of the boundary it is willing to push. The company was apologetic for the public reaction but claimed it will be more sensitive to the message that their fashion piece sends to the public and embrace more diversity in their clothing line.

Burberry is ready to wear clothing outwear, trench coats, accessories, and fragrance; the appointment of Riccardo Tisci role as creative fashion director will bring some modernity, diversity, fluidity, and boldness to the designs tagged Burberry.

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How was His debut show as Burberry?

From his debut fashion show at Burberry, we can clearly see that he respects and hold dear the root of the British fashion – the trench coat is upgraded with a large nude elastic belt to add feminine lines and finesse to the coat.

We saw a long list of beige and nudes pieces for men and women allowing you to dress down or up your fashion style with the right accessories. He also touched on “funkifying” the corporate look adding unusual accessories like an umbrella holster and a chain hook belt.

Furthermore, the runway, music, and models all complimented his idea and accentuated the show and fashion pieces that enhance the new direction Burberry is heading to with Riccardo Tisci at the helm of designing affairs. 

What is Riccardo Tisci bringing to the table?

He is bringing a lot to the Burberry table, the fashion show tells a lot to his style and where it intends taking the fashion label too. If you are wondering how you can look back at when he took over as the creative director at Givenchy in ’05 where he held the position for 2 years over a decade to take the fashion house through a total transformation with endless and innovative fashion designs that are still on till date.

With Burberry, Riccardo Tisci is living his dream of having his love for British fashion come to the light and change how the world views it as humble and reserve fashion country to a more graceful and unique statements piece for all.

He will produce more artisan and exquisite designs that will stand tall with the current trends catering for younger, urban, contemporary mindset but also give the older generations design that speaks to them and announces them too.

Riccardo Tisci is a celebrity with an eye for red carpet designs; this will take Burberry to red carpets around the world with more celebrities embracing their designs thereby enlarging their market brand and scope.

He is a designer that knows how to mix and match designs; he is a lover of sweatshirts and athleisure wears. With him at the reigns of affairs, Burberry could soon have a brand in this line that appeals to stylish buy comfortable wearers.

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Burberry after 2019

Burberry is known for unique and quality material used in their designs; with Riccardo Tisci eye from creativity, this collaboration will make their brand known for more unique and eye-catching designs that will attract more people.

According to Tisci, he was to celebrate and give back to the country that gave him the platform to build and develop his fashion dream to what it is today.  We have certainly seen what he can do, and we hope that this collaboration with Burberry will change the British atmosphere and infuse it with more color and diversity.

Well, he is still new at Burberry but going by his debut fashion show, Riccardo Tisci is definitely taking Burberry to greater heights with cooler, daring, loud, sexier, and diverse pieces that cut across all generation, class, and influence.

Tisci is known for creating and carving his own path with fashion items to make a statement, and Burberry is giving him the platform to take classic British pieces that the brand is known for and giving it a boost for a new class of buyers, fashion-forward thinkers in the British society and the world at large.

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