AMIRI T-Shirts, are they really worth $ 300?

Fashion label AMIRI was created in 2014 by Los Angeles based Mike Amiri, who was 38 at that time to reflect California lifestyle. The brand started from the LA Koreatown basement and quickly became popular. Just a few years after it got fans among the celebrities like Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid. It is now one of the most wanted streetwear labels, but still… why is AMIRI so expensive?

Amiri Kisses Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt, $280 at Mr.Porter

Let’s start with the basics. As most of the high-end menswear, AMIRI clothes are made from luxurious fabrics. Everything is being done far away from counties with cheap labor, the headquarters are located in the Art District of Los Angeles, California, where employees wear lab coats and gloves. There they use luxury materials to make an item and then distress it by different methods to obtain a unique style. Mike told GQ that “These clothes give you something other than a look, They give you a story. An experience.”

AMIRI targets the luxury market, where it is hard to surprise anyone with price tags. You can read Mike’s interview, where he describes what luxury is.

Amiri You Get What You Deserve T-Shirt, $280

One of AMIRI’s signature methods is destroying the piece with a shotgun. This T-shirt is a perfect example.

Amiri Destroyed Aqua T-shirt, $325

Love is the most favorite theme for fashion designers. It works for AMIRI too. Their “loveless teddybear” appears on both t-shirts and knitwear. For example, they put it on this $325 soft cotton-jersey T-shirt, also distressed with a shotgun.

Amiri Loveless Teddybear T-Shirt, $325

Another theme is Beverly Hills, where Mike Amiri spent plenty of his time. This soft cotton-jersey T-shirt features “Rodeo Drive” inscription, mentioning the most expensive shopping street in California. Do you still have any questions?

Amiri Beverly Rodeo Drive T-shirt, $325

Are these T-shirts really worth $300?

Yes and No.

Yes, because they are not just stylish, they are created by most hyped streetwear label! That’s it. Moreover, they were made in Los Angeles from high-quality cotton with a handmade touch.

No, because if you are still in doubt if you should buy one, they are not for you. They look like you bought them at a flea market. Moreover, Amiri T-shirts are also not such a good investment as timeless pieces by Tom Ford or Brunello Cucinelli. Streetwear fans can disagree.